Update; Read all About it!!!!!

Actually there's not too much to read about.  I've been AWOL on the blogging front since February, a month in which I wrote a February Focus blog, a blog about how I was going to get focused, work hard and get sh*t done and I did.......for a bit and then life got in the way.
I'm sure I probably speak for loads of you out there when I say real life is hard work and for most of us real life is the day to day mundane routine of getting up, feeding kids, getting kids ready for school, feeding yourself, getting yourself ready for work, getting to said places, working all day, getting home, feeding those kids again, bathing those precious kids, doing washing, ironing, tidying and any other random thing that presents itself during the day and then going to bed and doing it all over again the next day.  And then if you are like me there is the unrealistic expectation of yourself that you can help to run a charity, write a book and a blog and self publish as well as ruling the world.  I try, I do, but by body and my husband remind me every so often that just the day to day stuff is enough from time to time, without adding in all the extras.
I started this blog two years ago, to practice my writing, to push myself digitally, and to create a platform hopefully to one day publish a book from.  The book was already written and seeing as it's a young adult novel calling this blog 'A Love Affair with Bubbles' probably wasn't my most intelligent moment.  But I've enjoyed the blogging world, I've met so many wonderful people and had so many exciting opportunities that some times I feel very much like a fraud and that I am unworthy of the opportunities I am being given because I feel I can't give them the time or the expertise that they deserve.  But then I realise that I am a working mother, a wife and above all a human being, I'm doing what I can, there are posts to be written, (too many!!!), there are clothes still to be ironed and beds to be changed, and they will be done.  But it's more important to give yourself time.
Life can be over in a fleeting moment, we must take the cuddles, run barefoot in the grass, read the extra long bedtime story, stay up that little bit later to have the chats, dance in the kitchen like no one is watching and above all celebrate the ordinary as extraordinary.  I'll take the cut knees, the snotty noses and the aching head, the arguments over baths or not wanting vegetables, the ordinary really is what makes ours lives wonderful.
I'm going to try and write more over the summer, I'm going to try and cook more and hopefully the book will be edited and ready for print, but if that doesn't happen, I'm not going to beat myself up, as long as I've made time for the boys and Dec, it'll be a great summer.

Cheers to a summer of extraordinary memory making,
Raising my glass to you all,
Happy Weekend,


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