I fell for Fall

I fell for fall years and years ago.  I absolutely adore this time of year.  I love the crisp, fresh air and the colours in the trees, I love the cold, wet evenings and the blazing fires that they call for, I love the change in wardrobe, cozy boots, warm scarves and cuddly knits.  I love the change in diet, don't get me wrong I love salads and summer BBQs, but nothing beats the first homemade soup of the season.  I love the anticipation Fall brings, Christmas is coming, but most of all I love what October gives me to celebrate. October fills me with love and makes me smile.  It is my favourite month of the year.

I met my gorgeous husband in October, twenty years ago when I was the ripe old age of fourteen.  I know it sounds soppy and a little fairytaleish, but it was very much love at first sight.  I'd first seen him at Mass, of all places, a year or two before and really liked the look of him.  Our first date was a simple stroll, but it was magical.  Even at fourteen I knew I had found my soulmate, we talked so easily, there were no awkward silences.  I knew he was someone I wanted to spend alot of time with and I waited patiently for sixteen wonderful and adventurous years to become his wife, and that I did on a glorious day in October four years ago.  It was an amazing day, everything I had wished, hoped and dreamed of.

 Dec had always said it was not the most important day of your life, just one of them and while on that day it most certainly did feel like the most important day of my life, it wasn't till our sons were born that I realised what he meant.  Which leads me nicely on to my last reason to love October, my little boy Bobby joined us last year in October, a little earlier than we had expected, but right on time as far as he was concerned and just in time for his mum and dad's third wedding anniversary.
 Bobby turned one this week, I can't believe how quickly the year has flown.  It seemed to go much quicker than Jack's first year, but I guess with two we're just that much busier. He is turning into the cutest little boy, and has the most laid back personality.  I love every bone in his little body and as you all know I spend my time posting pictures of the pair of them.

 We celebrated as always with a good old fashioned Irish tea party, chocolate rice crispy cakes and all and of course Mummy had her glass of bubbles when the boys had gone to bed.

Jack turned three in September and we can argue till the cows come in whether its Autumn or not but back to school for me is Autumn, so I think we can sneak him into my celebration of Fall.  He is the funniest little man I have ever met with the most fantastic imagination.  He never ceases to stun and amaze me everyday with how grown up and creative he is becoming.  He really is my Jack the Lad.

October as I said also means crisper, fresher weather and we've spent the last two weekends at the beach in Inch.  Early morning sand castle sessions are a great way to build an appetite for a Sunday roast.  God I really love this time of year.

I guess its important to mention that I also love this time of year and this month in particular as it's breast cancer awareness month.  I always love the effort people go to raise both funds and awareness and I also think its a great opportunity to celebrate those women who have survived, but also honour those who fought hard, but lost the fight.  Breast cancer is a constant in my life, it always has been and since my BRCA diagnosis I guess it always will be.
I'd like to thank you all for your messages of support on my last post.  My intention was always to raise awareness, it was never to look for sympathy or look for credit.  This is mine and my families cross to bear, many families have far worse things to carry.  I'm very lucky to have such a support system built in around me, to be working through this with two sisters doing the same and having a brother, sister, mum and dad, that are they to support us the whole way through.  I can only imagine how difficult it is for my brother and sister, being on the outside looking in.  They talk about survivors guilt sometimes, I'm sure in the case of genetic defects there most be something similar.  Again I urge anyone you is having difficulties with their diagnosis or even difficulties in trying to decide whether to be tested or not to contact us.  There is also a great BRCA support British based website BRCA Umbrella that provides unbelievable support online.
BRCA Umbrella - The BRCA Gene and You

But back to the first point, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Ladies.  You got to look after your girls and early detection is key to survival.  Click HERE to take you to the Irish Cancer Society's signs and symptoms page.

Finally, Fall means Halloween and that means a party in my house!!!!!  Getting so excited and poor Pinterest is getting an awful bashing in the run up to this year's.  I'm off on Midterm Break that week so already planning and preparing.  I love Halloween and my poor boys seem to be following in their mother's footsteps in loving any excuse for a party.  Looking into my own costume at the moment and think I'll be going along the lines of Dia del Muertos. ( The boys costumes have been sorted for weeks!) I love the customs behind Mexico's Halloween, a far more celebratory occasion than what we know of the Halloween that now exists in Ireland.  I love the fact that its not about scaring the bejesus out of people, but rather celebrating the people who have gone before us, partying in their memory.
Here are some of the looks I was thinking of.....(My sister Chris did this for my sister's 30th and it was amazing!)

So as you can see, Fall or Autumn is such a fabulous time for me, I love the seasons in general, but this one offers me so much to celebrate.  I'm tucked up nicely on the couch right now, fire blazing, a storm blowing a gale outside and I'm about to have a glass of wine, (no bubbles tonight unfortunately).  Life is good.
Wishing you a happy Autumn, get out there, kick the leaves, breathe the air , but more importantly celebrate, celebrate Life!!!
Cheers to all of you,
Lots of Love 


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