February Focus

So where did January go?  And more pressingly where did my resolutions go?  I'm not sure how many of you are in the same boat as me, but I always find that by the time I get to the beginning of February; all my good intentions and healthy resolutions have flown out the window and become just more wonderful notions that I once had.  I am absolutely hopeless at resolutions, so this year I've decided to restart and reboot in February with a little focus, giving myself clear guides and goals for the month and trying to stick to them.  I think doing it month by month and then breaking those down into week by week will help me to stay focused and will also help me to feel I'm actually achieving something short term, which will ultimately allow me to do even better long term.
I'm a graphic type of planner so I got out the pens, pencils and paper to get stuck in and went with the mind mapping approach that I so often use at school.  I love a little bit of colouring and making things look pretty, and sure if the planning doesn't work out at least it looks good!

This short term goals idea has already brought some success, as for the end of January my tormented hubby set me the task of working on getting mybook published.  This mission has truly begun and I've set monthly tasks for myself in the steps towards publishing.  January saw me finish drafting and sending it off to an editor.  I've linked up with the wonderful Lucy Pearce from Lucent Word and I'm hoping some time this month professional editing will begin.  It's exciting and terrifying at the same time.  The English teacher in me is absolutely horrified to have my work critiqued, but I guess that's just desserts considering the amount of poor students' essays I have torn apart over the years.  I've also been researching the idea of self publishing and grants and funding that is available.  It's been a very productive start to the year book wise, so you'd never know this might be the year you get to read my first novel!!!!!

I attended my second Cloggers event on the last day of January.  A wonderful Afternoon Tea in the Imperial with so many wonderful Cork Cloggers, Cork businesses and very inspiring speakers.  The stand outs for me were definitely Emer O Mahony of Lockdown Models and the blog; Irishfashaholic and Jennifer Rock from The Skin Nerd and ambassador for Image and Yonka.  I'm always so impressed by strong, intelligent women that have worked hard for their success and are so willing to help, inspire and encourage other women to do the same. Both these beautiful women happen to be mothers as well.  Emer has to be the stand out Cork business woman for me at the moment, I thoroughly enjoyed her talk, which while being entertaining and humorous, was very honest and inspiring.  She really has helped me to focus on what I want for the blog and my life in general this year and 'February Focus' is very much down to her.

Jennifer Rock is my skin crush!!!!!!  Oh my god, I dream of having skin like hers!  I must say I am the laziest when it comes to my skin care, using the excuse that I'm a full time working mum of two just doesn't cut the mustard anymore after her wonderful talk.  I have made a promise to myself that I am going to make the effort and I'm going to make the change, good skin is inside me, I just have to let it out.  The wonderful skin care products she gave us from Image and Yonka will certainly help to kick start the new regime.  I'm already loving the Yonka - the smell is conning me into thinking I've spent the day in the Spa and as an added bonus my mood in general has improved!  The power of scent!  Seriously though have started the new skin care routine and will keep you updated on how it's going.  (Written with bottle of water in hand)  Check Jennifer out on The Skin Nerd; she's great to answer skin care questions you might have.
The Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock

As well as fabulous speakers we had a fashion show and several businesses came with stands, I must say that The Dotty Lemon immediately caught my eye as I am a total and utter notepad freak.  I absolutely loved Aisling's Kate Spade notebooks and all the lovely little gift ideas they had for brides to be and coffee lovers like myself.  Spotted their Morse code necklaces on Instagram as well during the week and I'm hanging on for payday and Aisling's return from her next trade show to stock up on Dotty Lemon goodies!!!!

There were so many other wonderful stands and a goodie bag to die for that I didn't feel I wouldn be doing them justice by cramping them into one blog post, so stay tuned for another update on the #CloggersAfternoonTea.
It really was such a wonderful day, the highlight being a glass of two of bubbles and winning a €100 voucher for Pennys for wearing a Pennys outfit. (Haul to follow!)  Massive thanks must be given to the wonderful Shell of ShellLaBelle and Marie from Beautiful Things for organising what was a fantastic afternoon.  Can't wait for the next one.

So on that rather long and rambling post I will leave you all tonight, with a top tip from Emer of Irishfashaholic and a tip I hope to be using and righting in the coming weeks.  I love a good photo, but iPhone ones just don't cut in on a blog, (apologises for the mess above).  I've spent the last week browsing my favourite blogs and realised just how bad my pics are, but on the hunt for a camera and hopefully will be improving the visuals around Bubble Central in the coming weeks.
 Prep has begun (Sunday Night routines - yuck) for the new week ahead.  I may sneak in a glass of bubbles before bed, but I wish you all a very happy, productive and focused week.  I also hope that love in air; Valentine's; another great reason for bubbles!!!!
Talk to you soon,
Love and bubbles,


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