Too Many Fingers, Too Many Pies!!!!

Short Post Alert!!!!!

I have too many fingers in too many pies!!!!!  I admit it, I am not superwoman, no matter how much I try to convince myself that I am and try to do everything I can possible think of or am asked to do.  I love good ideas, I love helping people, but I just can't say no.  I've realised that being a working mum means there are times I have to say no, times I have to close off the outside world and just be the boys mum, there are times when I have to make time for just me and Dec and look after our relationship and there are times when I need to find a quiet place and spend time with me, look after myself and my mind, do something that makes me happy, that helps me grow.

I've spent the last few weeks researching different planners for 2016, in the hope that I can start to focus myself and give myself defined and focused tasks that will help me to get my shit done and give me the time to work on the creative things I love so much, like this blog and book number two!!!!  and give me time to be the mother and wife I want to be.  I'm working on a longer post that looks at some of the planners that I've chosen, but that will have to wait till after the Bubble List is published!  And it's coming soon!!!!!  Final editing currently taking place.

So tonight I leave you, promising more focused and creative work for 2016 and in anticipation of this Year's Bubble List!
Stay true, stay strong, stay focused,
Lots of Love,


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