The Bubble List 2015

So it’s that wonderful time of the year when I can openly flaunt my love of bubbles and not get too many funny looks or ‘who does she think she is’ comments!  I love Christmas, I love it for the way it brings people together, for the warmth and kindness people show to each other, for the wonderful traditions that our family has and the exciting new ones that myself and Dec are creating with our little men.  It really is the most wonderful time of the year.  It’s also Bubble Season, and after the success of last year’s Bubble List I’ve spent the last month or two researching a brand new one for the festive season this year!  And I can honestly say it has been the best fun! (As you can imagine me and bubbles go well together!)

So last year I explained that while I would love to have a rich sugar daddy that would keep me in Dom Perignon for the season, instead I am blessed with an amazing hubby that doesn’t quite have that spending power.  You don’t have to be loaded to keep yourself in bubbles for the silly season so this year’s bubble list is very much geared at those of you who want to spend a bit but not a lot and the odd treat here and there.

Again this year I’ve divided the stockists bubbles into the same categories:

To my readers further afield, these are all local suppliers here in Ireland, but I have included names and Euro prices so you maybe able to source them further afield.  O Brien’s and So Prosecco do online shopping and delivery, but please be aware that final ordering dates for delivery before Christmas apply.

So what’s out there for Christmas 2015????????

By Chance I found this wonderful Irish company on line a few months ago and immediately I fell in love with not only their company, but also their bubbles.  The type of bubbles they stock is right up my street and their website and look is just so classy.  I’m sure you’ll all fall head over heels like I did.  I’ve spoken to Annamaria from this wonderful Irish- Italian Dublin based company and had the pleasure of tasting two of their proseccos on offer.   They are available in many of the top wine shops and boutique food stores in Dublin, but they also have a great delivery services all over the country.  Their website is definitely a must, even if it’s just to look at how beautiful it is.  There is a Christmas delivery deadline, ladies and gents so if any of these tickle your fancy I'd be ordering soon!

More fizz for your Bucks

D.O.C Treviso Frizzante is a lovely light bubble.  This is a great one for parties and perfect in a cocktail.  Light tones of pear and peach make it a very easy drinker.  A case of 6 is €84, which in my books is a lot of fizz for your Buck!


D.O.C.G Cuvee Extra Dry Prosecco Superiore is a dry and active bubble.  I thought this would be my favourite as I love dry bubbles, and it didn't disappoint, it's a great prosecco.  Dry and active with subtle peaches and cream tones, it would be a great party bottle.  Again it's available in cases of six for €138 and it is a very classy prosecco at a great price!

Something to Pop our Cork

So Prosecco's D.O.C.G Cuvee Brut is my find of the year!!!!!  I thought it's extra dry counterpart would be my favourite, but this little beauty is a gem!!!!  Its a stunning bubble inside and out of the bottle.  This is a very active, dry and crisp bubble, with subtle apple and lemon tones.  A show stopper for parties for sure.  Even Gatsby would be impressed by this little sparkler.  Again it's €138 for a case of six but this is definitely worth every penny.  I am officially in love.  

So Prosecco is an Irish- Italian company as I said above, their website is divine!!!! and their bubbles live up to the high standards of their beautiful marketing.  This company is definitely one to watch and their bubbles are definitely to be sipped!!!!

Unfortunately I didn't have the pleasure of calling into O'Brien's in Douglas, but I have heard such wonderfully positive things about this off license.  I did however speak to the lovely Cora-Jane and like last year they have fabulous offers in store at the moment.  Definitely worth a look at!
(Check out their webpage:  O' Briens )

More fizz for your Bucks

Their Arcobello Prosecco had to make it onto this list.  A light and easy bubble for even the haters to enjoy, it’s reasonable price means that you will have a party well started for under €20!


O’Brien’s have just introduced a brand new sparkling wine L’Extra par Langlois.  It’s Cora-Jane’s favourite and suitable for vegetarians and vegans so it would go down well in our house with my veggie sister.  At €17.99 it’s a good bet for catering for the masses.

Sharing the Love

O’Brien’s House Champagne is their Beaumont des Crayeres Grande Reserve NV Champagne.  Such a beautiful bottle will make it the perfect gift and at €29.99 it’s a great price too.  This is a lovely champagne, very easy on the palate and great with food or on its own.  Definitely one for sharing!

Something to Pop our Cork

Their Taittinger offer is back!!!! And this pretty much would have me tickled pink if I got it wrapped under the tree.  This is just one of my favorites and certainly a fantastic Christmas Day or New Year's Eve bottle.  Amazing value at €39.99.   A deal definitely not to be missed.

O’ Brien’s offer free delivery on orders over €60, have a mountain more fizzy treats online and instore and have a very attractive Prosecco sale coming up the weekend before Christmas.  Definitely worth checking them out online or in your nearest store.


More Fizz for your Buck

Griffon Presecco @ €9 a bottle is definitely more fizz for your buck and a pleasant tipple for bubble drinkers and non bubblers alike.  A good party stable that wont break the bank.


Jacob's Creek have a great offer on too at the moment with their Sparkling Wine and Sparkling Rose at only €16 a bottle.  These are great bottles to serve before or with dinner on the big day and won't empty your purse.  Lovely gift ideas too as everyone loves Jacob's Creek.

Sharing the Love

Finally for Supervalu's 'Sharing the Love' it has to be their offer on Moet!  We got engaged six years ago this Christmas morning and the occasion was celebrated with a bottle of Moet from my local Supervalu.  It has and will always be my favorite, so it's a definite recommendation from me.  A lovely dry and crisp bubble, one of my absolute favorites.  It's on offer in Supervalu for €45 so at that price it's a great quality Champagne for a loved one who likes a little bubble!  (Subtle hint, hint to family members!)

It's worth having a chat with the local wine guy/girl in your own Supervalu.  They will have their own offers and be able to recommend good deals specific to your store.

More Fizz for your Buck

Aldi's Contevedo Cava Brut has to be your more fizz for your buck.  At €10.49 this Brut is a brut, I know a recommended it last year also but it is a fab, dry and active bubble.  It is a great bottle in terms of parties and I know I quite enjoy a sip in front of the fire on those quieter nights over Christmas.


Bubblicious from Aldi this year could have come under more fizz for your buck also.  Their Cremant Du Jura Sparkling Chardonnay is €10.79 and for that you get some serious bubbles.  This award winner sparkler is lovely, and I've fallen in love with it this year.  Again nice with food, or just for entertaining, at this price its a definite winner in my book.

Sharing the Love

Aldi's Veuve Monsigny is a great gift bottle at a great price, €26.99.  It has a great bubble and great reputation.  It's Pink counterpart is a little less expensive and with it's soft red berry flavours its a good gift idea for the ladies in your life.

Aldi have lots of other great bubbles so its worth taking a look and chancing your arm.  You'd never know you might find a gem!

And me.........
Contrary to what most people think you can have a love affair with bubbles on a very small budget. With two smallies, a hubby, working fulltime and trying to be a blogger/writer I don't indulge in bubbles everyday or every weekend for that matter.  I also don't have the money to keep myself in Moet, and I have yet to taste the wonders of the coveted Dom Perignon, but I live in hope and in the meantime when I can I indulge in wallet friendly, cheerful bubbles and celebrate the ordinary as extraordinary.
In my shopping trolley this year I'll be picking up Supervalu's Moet offer and hopefully the Taittinger offer from O'Brien's.  The staple will be Aldi's sparkling Chardonnay and I'm hoping to order some of So Prosecco's Cuvee Brut!  Those plans may change, they normally do if something catches my eye, but I'll keep you all posted over on the Facebook page if I find anymore good offerings.

So that's it, my second bubble list!!!!! I hope it helps in some way and gives those of you non bubblers some ideas on what to buy.  As with last year I'll be hoping that Santa brings me a bottle of Dom Perignon, but I'll settle for a bottle of my beloved Moet!  I'm off to make some festive bubbly cocktails for my wonderful friends from work to celebrate Niamh's Christmas home for OZ!!!!

Have a wonderful night all and here's to raising glasses over the festive season, to celebrating life, love and happiness!
Lots of Love
T xxx

PS Always remember to drink responsibly.  


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