Mahon Point's Farmers' Market

I love bubbles, and I love food!!!! Nothing new there really.  We took our last trip of the summer to the Farmers' Market in Mahon Point last Thursday, stopping by some of our favourite stalls and having a few sneaky goodies here and there.  I really love the farmers' market as it adds a whole new dimension to the shopping centre for one day a week, of course I love it because the food is always delicious and I love that even though its the same faces each week, there's always something new to try.  Check out my last blog post as guest blogger, all about our trip over on the Mahon Point blog here:

Hope you enjoy!!!
Back at work, so settling back into routine and getting my planning started for the birthdays coming up in this house soon, there's a few!! A fourth, a second and my sister's 40th.  Bubbles and planning for the weekend I think!
It's hump day, thank God, so hope the rest of the working week flies for you all.
Lots of love,

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