It's Now or Never!

So as I've mentioned in previous posts, I wrote a book.  It's been out there with a few publishers for a few months and for the most part I haven't heard anything back.  I'm getting really itchy feet and really starting to doubt whether what I've written is actually any good.  I guess every author feels like that and every author gets rejected, and I can handle that, but it's the waiting that's killing me. 
So today I've decided to share some of my writing in the hope that some feedback from you will satisfy my impatience for now. Feel free to be as critical as you like - feed back positive or negative is always good.

What follows is the Prologue to my first novel 'Dare to Believe', a coming of age novel, full of Irish folklore but with a modern twist.  It's a really small snippet, but baby steps are baby steps and it's a start.  Hope you enjoy.


The lonely grey figure stood at the cliff edge.  The wind howled around it and tried to grasp it and sweep it into the tumbling waves below. The waves licked up the cliff face, trying to capture the figure for themselves.  The sky was black and no light penetrated the storm clouds from the full moon that was smothered completely behind them. The rain had not yet started, but the air was heavy in anticipation.  This was not the place to be in a storm like this, the first wrong step and you would be swept away, dropped to the ocean below, dragged away by the waves and lost forever at sea, but she felt no danger, or fear, instead a sense of ease and calmness.  She pulled the grey hood tightly around her face out of habit rather than because she was cold.  She took a deep breath and sighed, this was where she was meant to be, this was right.  She had fought with the decision for months, but now that she was here she knew it was the right thing to do.  They would be fine, this wasn’t going to affect them at all, and it was perhaps for the best.
The wind caught her hood and her long dark red hair escaped and danced freely in the gale.  She made no attempt to readjust it, instead delighted in the sensation and gave in to the decision she had made and did what she had come to do. She stepped closer to the cliff edge, peered over and saw the darkness below, interrupted now and then by a dancing white horse at the tip of a raging wave. She could feel the ocean calling her, she could feel the grip of its arms, ready to welcome her, surround her, envelope her and take her away.  She took a deep breath, filled her lungs with heavy air, opened her mouth and began to sing.

A mile away in a camper van, Sean sat.  The van swayed back and forth with the power of the storm outside.  It was cosy, cosier than you would have thought and he was warm, wrapped up in an old knitted blanket that Saoirse’s grandmother had made more than fifty years ago.  All this was new to him, the reason they were here.  Everything had changed in the past few months, the world and reality had been turned upside down, it was crazy and he was still trying to come to terms with it.  He wasn’t sure he ever could, but for the moment he was happy to go with it and be here with her.  She was struggling with it herself and he knew she needed him to get through this.  But what lay ahead now?  He couldn’t even imagine, but he dared to believe it would change their lives forever.

All feedback greatly appreciated.
Have a great weekend, it's The Secret Garden Festival here in Wilmount so hoping the weather stays dry.
Lots of Love,


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