Dinger of a Date Night

So as a mummy and daddy of two smallies under four, we don't get out much and the date night that we promised would happen once a month, is normally a figment of our imaginations or just too much effort and we'd prefer to stay at home and chill out.  But Saturday was different.  The Frames played Live at the Marquee on Saturday and when the tickets went on sale back in January I knew I'd be earning major brownie points and ensuring myself a great night out by getting Dec the tickets for his birthday in February.  It's been a long wait since February but it was certainly worth it.

We decided to head into the city early for a few and maybe a bite to eat before the concert and took the train from Cobh.  I must say the improvement in the commute from Cobh to Cork since I went to college is fabulous.  Lots of trains on the hour, on time and comfortable.  Certainly a great start to any escape!

The weather it must be said was awful, but this didn't dampen our spirits.  Wet hair and clothes were a mere detail!  We didn't plan ahead or reserve anything, we just planned to take it as it came and see where we ended up.

We decided to go to Mutton Lane for one as Dec had been here before Christmas and said it was good.  Down a narrow lane off Patrick's Street, coloured lights lead you to this little gem.  A wet, cold summer Saturday meant it was busy with both Corkonians and tourists.  There was a great welcoming atmosphere and while it was busy it was comfortable.  We found a wall ledge a few feet inside the door with two stools and settled in to soak it all up and dry out.  I fell in love immediately.  I love its dark, cosy feel, it's smoke stained walls, the candlelight. The twinkling fairy lights above the bar gave it a festive feeling and the banter made me think that this would be a fab place to meet friends at Christmas.  The drink was good and the service friendly and we decided to stay for another.  The pizza menu, (which is delivered by their friends from the Rising Sons Brewery) looked very tempting but I knew if we stayed to eat I would have been hard to move anywhere else.  
Mutton Lane is part of the Cork Heritage Pubs Trail and definitely worth checking out.

Leaving Mutton Lane and venturing back out into the rain, I was spurned on by my on going quest to frequent my Holy Grail, that is Elbow Lane.  Since it opened I have tried and failed several times to eat here and unfortunately Saturday night was no different and my quest continues.  The manager was lovely, chatty and had great banter with us, but unfortunately an hours wait was too much for us on Saturday night.  He did recommend several other places and suggested that any night before six is a good time to get a table!  I'll be keeping that in mind, because I will be back!

We headed back up (or down) Oliver Plunkett Street in the direction of our recommendations and there was no real competition heading towards South Mall because Arthur Mayne's just has a draw for me. It's another one of the pubs on the heritage trail and I love this Wine Bar.  I love the pharmacy decor inside, untouched and intriguing.  I love even more a trip to the loo.  The cosmetics and trinkets encased in glass could have you looking for hours, but thankfully the food is so good, you have something to draw you back to the real world.
We didn't fancy anything too heavy Saturday night so opted for a few dishes to share.  I will say I was sorry we decided to share because their Seafood Crock pot was gorgeous.  I really didn't want to share, but I did!  The calamari, prawns and mussels were fresh and delicious.  I love seafood and would be the greatest critic of bad seafood, but this was fabulous.  I will be getting it again and I won't be sharing!!!

It was so lovely to be out, a brief escape from the wonderfully tiring job of being parents, and to top off what had already been a great evening we headed to the Marquee to see a band that we had grown up listening to.  The Frames had been the soundtrack to my teens and early twenties.  I had fallen in love, struggled through a Leaving Cert and college and had just lived life with them in the background.  We've seen them live a few times and I knew when I ordered the tickets for Dec's birthday that we were in for a treat, their concerts are always full on, full of life, energy and excitement and Saturday was no different.  It was fantastic.  No warm up band so Glen and the lads were on from eight on the button and they played until well after half ten.  What a gig!!!!! Take a look at some of the highlights below.

Star Star

Violin Solo


The Marquee is such a fabulous venue and the music line up each year is getting better and better.  What a valuable resource for Cork!!!

It was such a lovely date night, from start to finish, and so lovely to spend some quality time with the hubby.  A few hours off to chat and catch up with each other was just what the doctor order.  We had a ball and can't wait for the next one.

Well Bubbles I will love you and leave you.  Finally on my holidays from work and enjoying being a full time mummy!!! We are planning our Secret Garden Festival at the moment for this weekend with some lovely homemade tipples and food from the garden, but will fill you all in on it soon. Fingers crossed the weather behaves itself!

Lots of Love


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