School's out for Summer

Well I'm back and so soon!  It's probably the enthusiasm brimming over in me, because as the title says 'School is most definitely out for summer.'  We finished up on Friday and I must say that this time of year always has me that little bit excited about the prospect of all the wonderful things I can get up to over the summer.  Three whole months off, minus of course three weeks for the exams and three weeks correcting, which actually brings it back to about a month and a half, but who's counting anyway.  Teachers have great holidays and I'm very grateful, although I am well aware that most people hate us for it.  But I'll take that, I'd hate me too!

So plans, buckets lists and the dreaded 'To Do' lists have all been drawn up and I'm rearing to go.  I'm not actually rearing - hurt my back on Thursday, slipped on a bath toy getting into the shower and aggravated an old injury, so have been in quite a bit of pain for the last few days and waddling around like I'm nine months pregnant, but thankfully coming around today.  It made me appreciate the fact that it was such a minor injury though.  I've been out of sorts, quick tempered and feeling sorry for myself, but it's made me realise it'll pass, and quickly.  Some people have the unfortunate task of living with real pain daily, of fighting constant battles with their bodies to survive and the inspirational people I know that are doing this at the moment are doing it with such dignity and grace. I salute you ladies and gents.  

So the 'Summer Bucket' list is being drafted.  (We won't mention the To Do List - who wants to know that I have to clean behind the cooker and hoover under the beds!)  The real good stuff is in the bucket!!!!!  Bobby can't tell us what he wants to do yet, but I'm sure if he could it would have wood lice and maggots somewhere in it.  Jack wants to fly a kite, build a sand castle, have a real picnic and go on the train to the playground in Glouthane.  All very achieveable - thank God.  I've added more of course, trips to the beach, the mobile home in Kerry, Auntie Chris and George in Dublin, to name but a few and I have added some grown up ones as well - the Coronas with my sisters and my handsome nephew, a bubbly afternoon tea for mama somewhere posh; have my eye on Hayfield Manor or Castlemartyr, subtle hint dropping is not working, and of course some date nights with my handsome hubby, which includes his birthday gift - The Frames at the Marquee (super excited).  So hopefully it's shaping up to be a great Summer, let's just hope we get the weather!!!!!!!!

On top of lists and plans, the boys and I are super excited as Pat, Nadine, Nina and Ruben are coming home for the holidays.  We've started the count down already and another list will have to be drawn up for what to do while they're home and missed birthdays to celebrate, which means parties and cake and of course bubbles!!!!!!

So if like me you are a lover of bubbles, panic may have set in over the past week or so with regard to a so called shortage of Prosecco forecast for the not too distant future.  While I'm glad it now seems that this may have been a slight exaggeration, I was never too concerned.  I love Processo, don't get me wrong, but I also love Champagne, Cava, sparkling wine.......... there is a whole ocean of other bubbles to go out and discover and enjoy.  The Italians couldn't rob me of that!

So Rose season is very much in bloom, glued to my FB feed this weekend as Regional finals are on in Portlaoise this weekend. Dying to see who makes it through to the International Festival in Tralee and also watching the fabulous fashion on parade, serious hat and dress envy going on. 
Delighted to see Maria Walsh win Strictly Come Dancing on the Late Late Show on Friday night for 
the Bumbulance Charity.  She has been one of the most beautiful, gracious and inspiring Rose that the festival has had in recent years.  Large shoes to fill for the lucky lady that wins this year's Rose.

So I've written far more than I expected to, but will leave you this evening looking for a little help.  I found the quote above a few weeks ago and I'm going to use it as a mini mantra for the summer.  I see myself as a writer, or at least I'd like to think I am.  Starting the blog was all part of practicing my craft and finding the confidence to put myself out there.  I'm chasing my dream of becoming a published author and I am fully aware that that will be a mammoth task, but as they say nothing worth having comes easy, and I'm not afraid of the hard work.  I would be so grateful if you could help me build my audience here and on FB, by liking and sharing (your online profile matters to most publishers) and also would love some feedback on whether or not to give you a snippet of my first novel.  I was going to just put it up, but not sure if it's something you'd be interested in?  

So on that note I'll leave and say goodbye on this freezing summer evening!!!  Have a great Bank Holiday Monday.  I'm heading to bed as I'm heading into the city first thing to cheer on the five fabulous lads from school doing the Youth Challenge, the wonderful Margaret, the inspirational and amazing Aisling Kelleher and her team of lovely ladies doing the relay for Butterfly Wings and all the brave runners doing the 26.2 miles in the Cork City Marathon tomorrow.  Hope the rain holds off and the wind is at your backs.  Think of the bubbles you'll be celebrating with.  I toast to you this evening.

Lots of Love 


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