35 and counting.......

So as always a blog takes months for me to follow up and to be honest when I do actually sit down to write them I feel like I could write forever.  I am promising myself (again as I do everytime I write) that this time I will try and write at least something every week, even if it is just a little update, but those of you who have two small boys and a full time job know that probably isn't going to happen.  I will try.
So what's been going on......... a hell of a lot, but a will try to keep it short and sweet.

Eggcellent Easter

Can't believe I'm mentioning Easter on the last teaching day of the year, but yes it has been that long since I wrote a post.  Shame on me!!!  We had a fabulous Easter, Wilmount hosted it's 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt and as always the weather behaved itself, so the kids had a ball.  The chicken pox snuck back in with the Easter Bunny and poor Bobby went through the toughest week of his short life, but on the good side, chocolate was eaten and chicken pox are done with!

Bubbly Birthday

So I also turned 35 while I was away and of course it was celebrated with bubbles and love and kisses.  I love birthdays (not that you'd know!) and I don't mind getting older either.  Life is about living, about getting older, reaching milestones, seeing and enjoying your children and the people around you growing old (or not for the few adults I know that will be forever kids!)  It's about getting on, but also about seizing the moment, enjoying things as they happen and accepting things for what they are.

My birthday celebrations happened to coincide with the weekend of my first cousin James' Wedding to the beautiful Sara.  Had a fabulous day with family and as you can see seriously let my hair down.  I think I make a pretty impressive blonde!  It was such a relaxed and enjoyable day, and so great to spend time with cousins I hadn't seen in a long time.

I love weddings, probably as much as I love birthdays, it may have something to do with bubbles, it may not. (It's the bubbles!) But we have the pleasure of being invited to quite a few this summer.
I'm still recovering from Conor & Cliondhna's bash last weekend in Castlemartyr, I guess it's a sign of my age!  Must say the silent disco was a first for me and what a laugh.  It was even better fun to take off the head phones and listen to all the guests singing completely out of tune in a quiet hall.  Definitely a must do for those of you who haven't experienced it.  Check out the video on my Facebook page here : Silent Disco

Was so grateful to Claudia and Lisa from Redz for my hair and makeup, I was only weak for myself for the day and it lasted long into the night.....

My local heroes

Other than that life in general is always chaotic at this time of the year at school.  I call it silly season, but I must say I was overwhelmed by the passion and enthusiasm that 36 of our students showed when they dragged themselves out of bed in the early hours of Saturday 9th May to run Pieta House's Darkness Into Light.  The power, passion and commitment of young people is so often over looked, and tarnished by the few troublemakers that make the headlines.  I was proud to see my kids, grumpy and sleepy eyed as some of them were, put themselves out, get up early and stand up for a cause they truly believe in.  With these young people out there I look forward to a day where there will no longer be a stigma around mental health and people can live freely and honestly.

Rose Season

Rose season is very much approaching at a rate of knots!!!!!!  This time of year always excites me so much.  The Rose of Tralee is such an amazing experience, foundation and family.  It has been one of those most influential experiences of my life and I'm so proud to say that I will always be a part of it.  Cork Rose Selection is taking place on the weekend of 12th/13th June and no need to ask where you'll find me that weekend.  Glad rags will be donned and I will watch with great anticipation to see what wonderful girl gets to join this amazing family.

So I'm going to leave you tonight with two more short things.
The first is I hope tomorrow night I will be celebrating the fact that my country and its people have voted for equality, for love and for soul mates, the idea that love cannot be defined, it just is and when you find it, it is precious and sacred, no matter who you are; love is love.

And finally I WROTE A BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(an as yet unpublished one, but a book none the less!)

'We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams!'
Sleep well, dream big.......

Lots of Love


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