While I've been away ..........

So it's a little over a week since my self enforced FB and Instagram ban and to be completely honest the first few days were torture!  I really hadn't realised just how much time I spend on both.  Breakfast was dull and lunch a drag and that's just the beginning, I missed reading people's random posts and checking out what so and so was having for dinner.  I missed Instagram far more than FB, which I hadn't expected and found myself taking fab photos I would normally share with you all and deleting them as they just wouldn't be relevant when I get back on line.  I was a bit miserable to be honest, still am a little, but it did get easier and I got stuff done, a whole lot of stuff done.

Most importantly Item One on the 'To Do List' is complete, after four years and I'm chuffed, so chuffed that myself and himself opened my bottle of Moet to celebrate!  It's been a long and adventurous road finishing this project and its not over just yet, but from here on in it should be fun. Cryptic I know, but it'll be worth waiting to hear about and I'd love to hear some guesses!

Item Two is well underway and the list seems to have grown with all this free time I seem to have on my hands.  Don't get me wrong I'm not deleting my accounts, I will be back, but it's nice to take a break now and then too.  For those of you thinking I have already snuck back to post this blog, thankfully there's a share button so I don't even have to log into FB to upload it.  (It's tempting though!!!)

Other than that life has been good, running again and loving it and the head space it provides.  Much needed after the dreaded POX! But thankfully they have left the building and Jack is on the mend.  Still watching Bobby though, secretly hoping he'll get them while I'm still on holidays and not when I'm back at work.

Easter Hunt systems are go and all will be shared on FB and Instagram (yeah) because I'll be back on that day.  Looking forward to the chaos and hoping the weather behaves.  Have spotted a really cool recipe for individual lemon meringue pies that I will definitely be trying and some more.  Pinterest has been in over drive, but as always a wealth of fabulous information and ideas. Will post the recipe if it all works out.

So without photos or a fancy, deep and thought provoking quote I leave you tonight, happy and content and looking forward to a weekend of celebration and family.
And of course some bubbles........



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