Switching off ....... but stayed tuned!

So it's Sunday night and I'm about to head back to work after a busy and rather stressful weekend, which included a trip to South Doc after Bobby decided he could fly and the welcoming party for the chicken pox that have decided to come and visit for a while.  So between burst lips and burst pox blisters Mama is feeling a little tired and certainly far from creative.  I have a week left till Easter holidays and I can't wait for this term to be over.
Work has been great, I am very busy but its been a good busy, however I seem to be so unmotivated and uninspired in my own creative little crafty projects at home that I'm disappointed in myself.  I have so much extra time in the evenings now that I'm not correcting copies and I had hoped that would mean that I'd be flying through my list of things to do, but instead I'm spending my time lazing on the couch and living on Facebook and Instagram, caught up in everyone else's lives and photographs.  I'm just gone beyond being noisy now, we're heading towards stalker ville, wondering what so and so who likes to post food pics is having for dinner and wondering where the hell that other one got her skirt.  I really am loosing the plot.

So I'm making a stand, I'm a bit late on the lent stakes but I am giving up Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the next two weeks.  It's going to kill me I know, but I think it has to be done.  In with that I'm throwing mindless tv, (not including Sherlock - that is not mindless and is actually quite inspiring).  Pinterest and the blog are also sacred; I'm planning an Easter Egg Hunt so Pinterest is needed and I'll touch base with the blog and let you know how I'm doing!!!!

So why such drastic measures I hear you ask?  I thrive on my creativity, I am happiest when I'm working away on something, I don't mind the hard work, I actually enjoy it and being creative gives me the freedom to leave behind the restrictiveness of the real world, it's my escape and from time to time my therapy.  I miss when I'm not working on something and the two main projects that I'm going to focus on this week have been hanging around way too long and need to be finished - one is four years in the making!!!!!
So I'm putting the phone down and the laptop away for now and I'm going to work hard for the next two week, using the left side of my brain.  (The right could do with a holiday!)  I will share what I'm working on as soon as they are finished.  That's a promise, and a hard thing to do because both are projects dear to my heart and putting them out there will be a little difficult for me, but I would really love some feedback when you see them so it has to be done!  Particularly if I want to SHINE........ Cryptic I know but all will be revealed I promised.  Just hope they will live up to the suspense.

 So I'm signing off now, signing out of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - see you in two weeks - the best is yet to come.......

Oh and of course then there will be bubbles.
Lots of Love 

(All pictures sourced on Pinterest)


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