February Flew into March Madness

Well it's been a while - they seem to be my favourite and most over used words when it comes to things I love to do.  I haven't written here in a while, I haven't ran for a while, I haven't sipped bubbles for a while.  This time of year is always the same.  February, even with it's wonderful midterm and festival of love is always manic with prep for The Butterfly Ball and then the come down from the ball is always a month full of family birthdays and the build up to the 2nd Annual Wilmount Easter Egg Hunt - life is certainly crazy in the fast lane ;)

(We started the countdown just a little early!)

I really don't know where the time goes in February, feels like it was only last week we were making choux pastry for Dec's birthday cake and it's a whole month ago already.  The recipe was from Rachel Allen's Bake and I'm really starting to get the hang of it.  Spending the rest of this evening checking out her new book 'All Things Sweet' looking for inspiration for dessert on Sunday for dinner at home with my in-laws to celebrate Mother's Day.

Of course after Dec's birthday, myself and my three sisters got to hang out with the Coronas in the Big Smoke.  'Hang out' is probably an exaggeration for; went to their concert in the 3 Arena. But as always we had a ball and the concert was amazing, a great combination of new and old material and with these three, there's always laughs and giggles to be had. (Even got to chat to Alison Curtis on Today FM that morning).  Roll on June and The Marquee.


Back to school after the break at Midterm and it was all systems go for the ball.  I am always truly amazed at people's generosity and at the hard work our committee put it in the run up to it.  They're a small group but by God do they get stuff done.  Thankfully all went to plan and we had a great night.  Sandra Murphy MCed this year for us and she was wonderful, even with a serious chest infection that left her hospitalised this week, she was fantastic.  It was, as it always is, a fantastic night and raised much needed funds for the Night Nurse programme of the ICS.  It was so great to have Pauline Coomey, a night nurse, there to speak on the evening.  Such a lovely lady and so gracious.  I am truly astounded by people's generosity as I said and love the fact that now that it's done the prep starts for ball no. 10!!!!  Our tenth birthday bash is hopefully going to be better than ever and raise more than we've ever done before.  Oh and of course there will be bubbles, lots of bubbles!!!!!!

(Some pics and media coverage from the evening - that's my mum and dad in the wigs by the way)

So now when you'd think I should be chilling, things are still a little mad.  Work is tearing, we have five birthdays in March, a stag, an interview and training kicks up a notch for The Great Island 10, oh and the small task of being a wife and mother to two small boys...... Life is good, the weather is getting milder and there's a fine stretch in the evening, bring on the adventures in the garden!!!

So on these lovely images I'll leave you and head back to Rachel and her wonderful world of sweetness, unfortunately the bubbles will have to wait till tomorrow night.
Have a great weekend,
PS Mammograms all clear this month!!!!
Trish 1 BRCA 0


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