Happy Birthday Bubbles!!!!!

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Short and sweet post tonight.  Couldn't leave tomorrow pass without marking the occasion and I  was a little afraid that I would, because Mondays in our house are manic.
Tomorrow is the blog's 1st Birthday!!!!!  Its been a long, but fabulous year and while I've not religiously posted, I have loved sharing my thoughts and dreams with you when I do.  I've had a change of position at work, which I'm hoping will allow me to do bit more writing so I apologise in advance! ;)
So tonight myself and himself are celebrating with a small impromptu champagne cocktail!  (What was in the cupboard to be honest) Creme de Chassis, Presecco and a cherry on top.  Something sweet to finish off the first exciting year and toast the one to come.

I'm toasting all of you tonight too.  Hears to you! (nearly 6000 hits - far beyond what I had expected or hoped for)  Thank you so much for taking the time to read and also thank you for the lovely comments and encouragement.
Hoping to keep you entertained for many moons to come.

Make a wish... I wish health, happiness, peace, love, light* from myself, my family and for the world.

It is our birthday so making a wish tonight and hoping it will come true!!!!  Happy Birthday My Love Affair with Bubbles!

CHEERS and thank you,


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