January Blues

Well Happy New Year!!!

A bit late in the day I know, but I've been pretty busy over the past few weeks with a change of position at work and a small hospital at home, with me as the most unruly patient of them all.  If I don't see another runny nose till hay fever season I'll be happy.

I've been thinking about this post for a while, trying to decide what to write about, January is always a time of new starts, new resolutions and optimism, but I don't get that, it's the one month of the year I don't feel any optimism , I hate January.  I like New Year's, don't get me wrong, any excuse to open a bottle of bubbles, but the minute you pop your Christmas bubble and return to work, January fast becomes the worst and longest month of the year.
It's cold, it's dark and it's financially straining.  Payday lingers like a gap in the dark clouds in the distance, promising good things and relief but it lingers and lingers and lingers and eventually when it does arrive, the money has allocated itself to bills very quickly and you're back waiting and watching the gap for the next one.

So you made your list of resolutions, booked the gym, bought the new runners and filled the fridge with a harvest of vegetables, and you did well, for the first week or two any way and then you slowly slid back into old habits and the compost heap reaped the rewards of your good intentions.
You made the list of good books you wanted to read, said you'd do the laundry more often, keep in touch with friends, spend less time trawling Facebook and Instagram and actually try out the crafts you've been pinning on Pinterest - and if you're like me you've already failed miserably.  Oh how I hate January.

I have two of my 6 month check ups in early February, which inevitably means I spend January constantly checking my breasts convinced I'll find something.  Don't think my girls get as much handling in the entire year as they do in January! And this is yet another reason for me to hate this cold and miserable excuse for a month.  I hate it, I hate it I hate it! Not only am I broke for it's entirety and  spending the month checking myself, it also makes me feel like a complete loser.  I couldn't even last a month on the health kick or read a book!

So this January I didn't bother with the resolutions, instead I sat myself down and had a good talking to myself.  (Yes, I am just a little bit nuts, isn't every mother?)  I decided that rather than make resolutions I knew I would most definitely break, I would work towards fulfilling goals and dreams instead.  No major diet fads, no expensive gym memberships, but rather, small but sure steps towards things I really want in life.  Mental goals and small changes that will all add up to big life changes eventually.

I have a list, a bucket list of sorts, of things I would like to achieve in life, sooner rather than later.  I want to write a book, I want to grow this blog, I want to grow my own food, I want to be a good wife and a great mother and I want to be healthy.  Those are some of my goals and each week I'm going to do something small that takes me one step closer to achieving them.  It maybe taking the time to sit and chat with Dec, rather than watching mindless telly, or it maybe putting the phone away till the boys are gone to bed so they have my full attention.  Whatever it is they are small and achievable but when I put them all together I'm sure they'll make a massive difference to my life and well being.

So on that positive note I shall say Good Bye and Good Luck!
I'm off to work on a dream!!!!  Hope January has been kind and that February will rush in and surround you with love and bubbles.

PS Butterfly Ball mania has set in!!!!!!!! and for the first time EVER we are already SOLD OUT!!!!

 Can't believe it.  But that also means working hard to make sure all our guests have a great night!  Anyone out there that would like to donate a prize or item for the goodie bag we are always so grateful and advertising on the website is a given. xxx  You can mail me or check out our FB page.


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