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Christmas is probably the one time of year that my obsession doesn't seem so outlandishly ridiculous or lavish.  Everyone likes a little bit of pop, clink, fizz over the Christmas season and there are always so many reasons to celebrate; we got engaged at Christmas five years ago and I'm sure there are plenty of you out there that will be doing the same.
(Congrats to a friend who had the question popped this evening and of course popped a bottle of the good stuff more importantly!)
So I'm a little obsessed, you all know that and a few people have asked me for some recommendations on what to buy this Christmas season and while I know what I like (very dry and bubbly Bruts (champagne not men!)) my taste is not to everyone's liking.  So I gladly accepted the challenge of doing a little research on your behalf and looking at what's out there on offer.  I have tried to consider all budgets, and myself find as a regular drinker of bubbles that there are some very nice, affordable ones out there.
To my readers further a field, these are all local suppliers in the Cork area or Ireland for the larger retail stores, but I have included names and Euro prices so you maybe able to source them further a field.  Some of the off licenses also have online shopping and delivery.

(Thanks BS for the cool pic!)

So I felt a little like a very happy and giddy school girl researching this post, got out the note book and camera and really took it seriously.  But you all know bubbles make me giddy, so it was such an enjoyable thing to do.  I decided very quickly that there are way too many wonderful bottles on the market for me to feature all of them, so I've broken it down into four sections:

More fizz for your Bucks 

The cheap and cheerful section, good for those who don't normally sip bubbles, but want to mark the occasion or are having a party and don't want to spend a fortune


Good price, good value and great taste.

Sharing The Love 

I have a love affair with bubbles, I think all people should, these are good pressie ideas.

Something to Pop our Cork 

These are unique and wonderful bottles I found in some of the offies I visited, something unusual to celebrate a wonderful time of year.

No 21 Midleton

Number 21 Midleton

Had the pleasure of meeting both Treasa and Shannon in No 21.  We got our wedding wine here four years ago and they were such a pleasure to deal with.  (You can check them out on twitter @no21midleton) Lots of great offers but here are their fabulous four:

More fizz for your Bucks 

They have the fabulous Ca'vive Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco, lovely and light with citrus and pear flavours and a good bubble.  
Great value @ €12.99


No 21's Bubblicious is a very reasonably priced Brut; Jeio, perhaps a little on the lower end of the budget but worth its place here as  I like Bruts because they are dry and bubbly and this is no different.  It's a light one, with nice citrus and pear flavours again.  A staple at a great price, its also available in a Rose.

Sharing The Love

I adore these Sensi bottles!!!   The bottles alone are worth keeping, without ever enjoying the contents.  They have a Prosecco (gold bottle) and a Pinot Noir (pink) available and I think they make such a fantastic and impressive gift @ 26.99.

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Something to Pop our Cork

No 21's unique offering is the Jip Jip Rock, a sparkling Shiraz!!!! Yes you read that right, a sparkling Shiraz.  I haven't tasted this yet, but my curiousity alone gains it it's spot here on the 'something to pop your cork' list.  I'll update you after Christmas when I've experimented and would love to hear if you've tried it.  Its unique and wonderful @€27.99
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I met poor Gavin from Bubble Brothers in the English Market on a very busy afternoon when he was struggling with a very bad back, but that didn't stop him willfully and entertainingly sharing his knowledge of bubbles with me.  Below are their fabulous four but they have mountains more to offer:
(Gavin has gratefully provided the descriptions below and you can check out their website here: Bubble Brothers )

More fizz for your Bucks

Val d'Oca Prosecco Frizzante BVS
Fun and vivacious Italian fizz with delicate, floral aromas of peach blossom and overripe pear, backed up by a light-bodied, clean, fresh palate of citrus rind and white peaches. Slight touch of sweetness on a fruity finish.


André Clouet Grand Cru Brut Zéro Champagne

This very special extra dry champagne has not had the usual few drops of sugar solution added to it before corking. It is the purest possible expression of the Pinot Noir grape and of its native soil: a totally pure, wonderfully aromatic champagne.
Fashionable, bone-dry style of Champagne, noted for its cool precision, focus and linearity. Clean core of citrus and green fruits, with tingly acidity, a fine mousse and bracing freshness. 
A unique, 'must try' Champagne! 

Sharing The Love

Val d'Oca Prosecco Millisimato Spumante Extra Dry DOC 2011
A terrific vintage Prosecco in a striking blue bottle! It has a fragrant floral bouquet and a magnificent mousse with the perfect balance between acidity and softness. Enjoy chilled !

Something to Pop our Cork

Louis Roederer Cristal AOC Champagne 2006

This is a champagne of great finesse, not as assertively muscular as its equivalents from the houses of Bollinger and Krug, but instead offering tremendous complexity and breadth of flavour in a crisp, focused style with red apple, citrus and yeast characters suggestive of a pure Chardonnay champagne. 
A top year for Champagne: a warm, dry growing season with no heat spikes, cool nights, and a dry harvest. Originally produced especially for Tsar Alexander II in 1876, Cristal remains today one of Champagne’s most exalted wines. Mesmerising notes of candied flowers, toasted hazelnuts and ripe red fruit abound. Savour with scallops and caviar!

Unfortunately I didn't have the pleasure of calling into O'Brien's in Douglas, but I have heard such wonderfully positive things about this off license.  I did exchange tweets with the lovely Laura and my lil sis Liz did a bit of snooping in her fav offie and got me some fab pics of the offers on in the run up to Christmas.  Definitely worth a look at!
(Check out their webpage:  O' Briens )

More fizz for your Bucks

At €20 for 2 of course this Arcobello Prosecco had to make it onto this list.  A light and easy bubble for even the haters to enjoy.


 Lanson is a favourite of mine and this Brut is rich and crisp, with just a hint of sweetness.  A good tipple for Christmas Day.  This is a very good deal @ €38.99

Sharing The Love and Something to Pop our Cork

For me this Taittinger offer ticks both these boxes a wonderful gift that is sure to pop your cork.  This is just one of my favourites and certainly a fantastic Christmas Day or New Year's Eve bottle.  Amazing value at €39.99.   A deal definitely not to be missed.

And me.........

Contrary to what most people think you can have a love affair with bubbles on a very small budget.  I don't splash out on Moet or Taittinger every week, they are my special occasion treats.  There are loads of good value, low priced Cavas and proseccos out there to suit every taste and the local supermarket is the best place to find some wonderful deals. 

My local Garvey's SuperValu, and their wonderful drinks guy Chris, have some great offers on at the moment with Griffon Presecco @ €9 a bottle and Moet on offer at the moment @ €45 (hoping this one is in my stocking).
Aldi also do some great proseccos, cavas and champagnes and my staple diet is their Cava Brut for €10.49.

So that's it, my first bubble list!!!!!  I hope it's some way helpful and that it may encourage you to try out some of the wonderful things on offer locally.  I'm hoping Santa brings me a bottle of Dom Perignon, because I've been a really, really good girl this year!!!!!

Have a wonderful night all and here's to raising glasses over the festive season!
Lots of Love


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