Midterm Mayhem

For those of you technology literate, you might notice that this post is an early one, a very early one.  My little boys have not yet grasped the concept of the daylight saving (or whatever it's called) and have been up at the crack of dawn the last two morning.  So at exactly 7 am, we are already fed and watered and settling in to our second 'Sheriff Callie'.  Oh the joys of Midterm.

So like so many of you out there with kids, they have the week off, and if you're lucky like me, you have the week off with them.  The perks of being a teacher, (mind you I sometimes wonder if it is a perk, we get so much grief for our time off).  While it may be a week off , payday has decided to position itself at the very end of the week, leaving Mama Carlos to wrack her brain for free entertainment for the week.  I know I'm probably not alone, so I thought I'd share a few ideas with you.  Pinterest as always is a great source of information and while my ideas are geared at my smallies, you're sure to find something there to suit all ages.

Forest Scavenger Hunt
Those of you that know me and follow my instagram account, know my little man loves nothing more than his wellies and a wander in the woods.  So yesterday we headed off, but added the excitement of a treasure hunt.  We made a list of things we had to find and took photos of them, or brought them home if Mama knew they wouldn't bring every creepy crawly into the house.  As I said we regularly go to the woods, but the hunt did add a serious level of excitement and determination from my little man.  Daddy enjoyed the adventure too. Oh and Harold the Rat got some lovely fresh conkers for dessert!
 Obviously because Jack is three, our list was basic, but the older they get, the more complicated you can make the list.

Beach Bums
So we've a trip to the beach planned too.  Rain, hail or shine we'll be hitting the beach Tuesday or Wednesday.  I bought wet gear in Aldi a couple of weeks ago for Jack and his trusted wellies from Penny's and we'll be away on a hack, regardless of the weather.  I'll be packing the bucket and shovel in the boot, along with a treat or two and a flask of something warm from Mama.  There really isn't anything as refreshing as a stroll on the beach or a mammoth sand castle building session at this time of the year.

Camp Casa de Carlos
When we were kids, there was nothing I loved more than building a camp in the house.  We had bunk beds and we used to tie blankets to the top and then anchor them on the floor.  Hours of endless (and free) enjoyment and entertainment were had.  I haven't submitted my drawings for the planning permission yet, but it will be just a temporary structure so we may get away with it.  A picnic in the camp is a must I think, so better get out the plastic plates and make sure I have ham for the sandwiches!!!!

Some ideas from Pinterest:
camping in the housecamping in the house

Cinema Day
I am lucky, in that, I have a data projector at home, which means I can create a cinema in our sitting room.  But shutting all the curtains, turning off the lights and settling in to a DVD with pop corn and the ability to take a small man to the loo and pause the film, are the ingredients for a great day at the cinema!!!  Still looking for the right DVD, but the atmosphere alone is great and Jack loves it.

I love to bake and think it's seriously rubbing off on my little men, Jack loves to help and Bobby loves to eat!  I think there is nothing more fulfilling then the face of a little man tucking into the cake/pizza that he's just baked or licking the bowl! We're having a Halloween Party on Friday, so think we'll spend Thursday afternoon baking.  Some queen cakes and of course Mama's speciality Rice Crispies Cakes will definitely be on the menu.

Halloween Arts and Crafts
As I said we're having a Halloween Party on Friday, so we're going to be doing some Halloween arts and crafts all week.  Again I got some really cool ideas from Pinterest and will pop up some of them later in the week and some of the ideas we've had for the party.
Halloween Kids' Craft:  Toilet Paper Ghost #kidshalloweenprojects #kidshalloweenactivities
Easy enough for the youngest of spookers.  http://www.examiner.com/images/blog/EXID11514/images/IMG_1372a.jpg
Easy Q-Tip Handprint Skeleton Craft #Halloween craft for kids to make | CraftyMorning.com

(Pics from Pinterest)

So as you can see we have a lot to do this week, so better get started.  All the house work, ironing and cleaning was done over the weekend, so that the diary was cleared to get all the important stuff done with the boys this week.  No bubbles at the weekend, saving them for next weekend to celebrate Halloween and a week well spent with my boys.
Have a great week everyone and I'll leave you with these lovely words of wisdom I found on Pinterest;

Lot of Love,
PS Harold isn't real! Part of the Halloween decor that Dada is not impressed with!


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