Once a Rose, always a Rose.

The Pale moon was rising above the green mountains, the sun was declining.........

I'm sitting here tonight watching Daithi and all the roses, fondly remembering this time eight years ago.  I was privileged and honoured to be the Cork Rose in 2006 and to get the opportunity to represent my wonderful town and county.  I met the most amazing people and had the most unbelievable experience, one that has changed me for the better and given me life long friends.
It is not the 'Lovely Girls' competition that some cynics make it out to be, instead it is a gathering of wonderful, strong, intelligent and talented young women with Irish heritage, representing their families, towns, counties and countries.  It is a show case of all that is good about being an Irish woman and a celebration of just that.
I look back with such fond memories and look forward with great anticipation to seeing all these lovely ladies again in two years time.  There is a bond between each year's rose that is unique and unbreakable.  You are part of a very exclusive and exquisite group, one that I am very proud to be part of.
Thinking of you all tonight ladies.
Once a rose ......


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