And so the end is near.......

Photo: Butterflies everywhere in the garden today #lovewhereilive
So it's back to reality tomorrow after a wonderful summer off, a summer full of laughter, family and very strangely for me a bubble ban!  I can't believe how quickly it's flown by, but I think the amazing weather we've had as made it fly all the more.
I'll be sorry to leave my two boys in the morning, but I'm very grateful to have a job that allows me to spend three whole months with them.  We've made our way through some of the 'Summer Bucket' list we wrote at the start of June, but have left one or two things that will hopefully be completed in the weekends to come.  Bobby had his first trip to the swimming pool and first swing on a big swing.  Jack had his first trip on the train.  We had picnics, visited the beach, cooked our own veg, had a cinema day at home and spent lots of time with family, we found messages in bottles and went on a wild goose chase, it was great, simple but great.

Photo: #thejoysofboys #inlovewithmylittlemen

Had my baby sister's baby shower over the summer too.  My other two sisters and I had such fun created an owl filled, gluten free, vegetarian party for her.  It has strengthened my love for Pinterest no end.  It is just such a wonderful resource for everything crafty.  Friends and family better be expecting a Pinterest influenced Christmas!!!!  The shower was a great relaxing day and I think Chris enjoyed herself too.

So as I said there was a bubble ban!  Shameful I know.  I've been working on a little project for a while now and thought depriving myself of one of my favourite pleasures might spur me on a little.  Foolish to the say the least, a summer without bubbles and no major progress made.  Broke loose last weekend with not one but two bottles of Tattinger over the weekend (thanks Pat & Nadine) and already I have two blog posts done and making a little more progress on the project front.  Moral of the story; bubble bans are counterproductive!!!

While there were so many other wonderful things going on in our very busy summer, I'm finishing up tonight with the Ice Bucket Challenge.  I think these kind of fundraising ideas are phenomenal.  (Just wish I could come up with one myself for Butterfly Wings!!!!)  I love the way social media can generate such massive amounts of money for wonderful causes.  Everyone unfortunately has a chronic illness, something like Motor Neurone Disease or cancer touch their lives, be it through suffering themselves or having a loved one suffer.  I think using social media as a method for fundraising is fabulous, but the more importantly I think the awareness it raises is so important too.  I knew a little about MND before now, but the challenge encouraged me to take a closer look. The Irish Motor Neurone Association have lots of info on their webpage
Can't say I enjoyed the icy water, but I did feel great afterwards and I didn't forget to donate.  So anyone reading this I challenge you to give it a go, and if it's not you're thing, perhaps just text MND to 50300 and donate €2. Check mine out here Trish's Ice Bucket Challenge
Photo: #icebucketchallenge #mnd

So, after a very lovely Summer, it is with a slightly heavy heart that I sign off tonight.  I had a busy, fun filled three months with my boys, but here's to a cosy, exciting Autumn and Winter.  Routine will be back in full force come Friday and then the build up to the boys' birthdays begins.  Poor Pinterest won't know what hit it.  Walks in the woods, wrapping up, blazing fires, hot chocloates - ohhh and the impending Holidays - Halloween and Christmas.  Oh and of course glasses of bubbles in my pjs in front of the fire.  There's a lot to look forward to.
Good night all.
Lots of love,


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