Positive Girl Power

Had a funny old week this week, found I was up and down like a Jack in the box.  Really motivated one minute and inspiration sapped another.  But I guess we all have those weeks, days etc we just have to know how to handle them and pick ourselves up and move on.  I found the coolest quote on Pinterest and think its my new mantra for life.......
Photo: #happinessis
Pulling up your socks, appreciating what you've got and taking inspiration from the wonderful people around you, is the kick in the arse every girl needs now and again.  I was inspired by three women in particular this week and I hope they don't mind me mentioning, them but I think their efforts shouldn't go unnoticed.
The first is my best friend Anneline.  Five years ago Ali couldn't catch a rugby ball when we bravely decided to jump on a tag rugby team.  Echoes of one of our friends shouting 'Don't drop the ball Ali!!!!'  will ring around every drunken reminiscing session we will ever have.  But Ali being Ali wouldn't let the little thing of not being able to catch a ball stop her.  She made the front page of the Examiner on Monday, having won the All Ireland Plate with Ballincollig at the weekend.  She is the strongest, most determined and kindhearted person I know and she puts up with me, which I'm sure makes her a saint.  Go AL!!!!!

Photo: Super proud of Anneline Dorgan this morning All Ireland Champion and the front page of the Examiner!!!!! Woohoo go Al xxx

The second lady may be a face you recognise, but for me she is such a hard working, community driven young woman that she deserves a mention.  I'm not party affiliated, but I do believe in supporting the candidate and this young and talented mother is such a good role model for young women everywhere, that I really hope she gets voted in, come the local elections in May.  Don't forget to vote!!!!  Check out her FB page   https://www.facebook.com/sinead.sheppard1?fref=ts#!/pages/Elect-Sin%C3%A9ad-Sheppard/480450502078134?notif_t=fbpage_fan_invite

Finally tonight I am settled in front of the fire waiting patiently, champagne in hand for the IFTAs to come on.  Tonight the wonderful researcher I met at the Rose of Tralee Siobhan Russell is nominated for an award to honour her work on the awe inspiring documentary on the phenomenal Donal Walsh.  Siobhan is such a lovely person and hard worker and always so generous to me when I come begging for the charity.  This documentary is an amazing piece of work, one that I hope will win her the IFTA tonight.  I raise my glass to you tonight hun, hope you have a ball.
You can check the documentary out here:


So after all that inspiration I got my act together and had a pretty awesome week, trained hard for the Great Island 10 next Sunday.   7 days to go!!!!! If you'd like to support me for this great cause my mycharity page is http://www.mycharity.ie/event/trish_carloss_event/. I would really appreciate it as it is such a great cause.

Photo: Look what arrived in the post today - 9 days to go http://www.mycharity.ie/event/trish_carloss_event/. #greatisland10

Went to Fota House and Gardens with my three boys on Friday and we had such a wonderful morning, practically had the place to ourselves and with a picnic in hand and of course my trusted iPhone camera, we made some fab memories and all for only €3 for the car park, it's a cheap day out and an experience I would highly recommend.  We will definitely be visiting again.

Photo: No filter magic without it!!!! #inlovewithmylittlemen #happinessis

Photo: #happinessis #hothubby #inlovewithmylittlemenPhoto: #happinessis #inlovewithmylittlemen

Photo: Nothing like a picnic - coffee and goodies from home #inlovewithmylittlemen #happinessis

And today headed to the Titanic Bar & Grill to celebrate my godson's birthday, can't believe how grown up his getting or the size of his appetite!!!  Food was excellent, can't recommend it highly enough.  We had a ball.  Love ya Bud x

Photo: Had my godson out to lunch today for his birthday and he chose this bad boy

Got new shoes for my big little man today, can't believe how cool these bad boys are.  He was more interested in the new paints we got and is proving to be the right little Picasso.  He might just keep mummy in the posh bubbles for life!!!!

Photo: Jack's new shoes!!! Way too cute cute #inlovewithmylittlemen
Photo: My little Picasso #happinessis #inlovewithmylittlemen

And after all that, as I said, I'm settled in front of the fire watching the IFTAs, sipping on a very arty bottle of Cava from my good friend Annmarie, who clearly understands my weakness for the bubbles.
IFTAs ready ..... Go Siobhan!!!!! #myloveaffairwithbubbles #donalwalsh
Loved the cork on this bottle of cava #myloveaffairwithbubbles

Have a great weekend all, I'm looking forward to next week when I'll be focusing on positivity breading productivity, and leaving the negativity behind.


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