Busy bees and Summer Tees

It's been a busy few weeks since I last posted, but I guess as a mum of two under three, every week is a busy week.  We've had a small hospital here between teething and colds since last Sunday,  and with the count down to my return to work now in single figures, its been a tough few days.  But as they say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and there have been wonderful things happening, that help make being a busy tired mammy all worth it.

Great Island 10

Photo: All ready for the morning! Remember you can still sponsor me on or off line ❤
Firstly I want to thank all of you that sponsored me on my attempt and success at running the entire 10 miles.  This cause is one that is so close to my heart that I was determined to succeed.  The route is such a tricky one, particular up to the 6 mile mark, with all the 'little' hills, but from there on in its much easier and I love the feeling of knowing you're nearly there. 
There were times alright when my tired legs thought I should take a little break but there were signs along the way that really brought home to you what it was you were running for and a tired arse is nothing compared to fighting cancer.
Palliative care is such an important past of the work the Irish Cancer Society do.  Being afforded the opportunity in your final days to die at home with dignity, surrounded by loved ones and familiar things must be of the greatest comfort to a cancer patient and their families.  I'd run to the moon and back for that.
Thanks to the organising committee, supporters on the street and my family who cheered me over the line.  A fantastic event for such a worthy cause - delighted to have been part of it.
(Check out the red faced selfie!!! Finished in 1.44.27)

Photo: Red faced selfie - but happy out - ran all of it 1.44.27 #greatisland10 #feelinggood

Playing Tourist

Loving the sunny days and Easter Holidays vibe around, and we took the opportunity over the weekend to play tourists in our home town.  Far too often we over look what's right under our noses.  We visited the newly opened Titanic Memorial Garden in Cobh on a beautiful sunny morning.  There really is nothing like Ireland in the sun.  Add to that Cobh's fresh sea air, beautiful architecture and deep history and you have a pretty good morning.  All we were sort was the picnic - maybe next time.

Photo: #playingtouristinmyhometown #happinessis #happyeaster #goodmorningsunshine

Photo: #playingtouristinmyhometown #happinessis #happyeaster #goodmorningsunshine

Photo: #playingtouristinmyhometown #happinessis #happyeaster

Cobh is such a beautiful town to live in and there are so many wonderful things happening in the town.  Jamie Stanton being the most talked about young man at the moment.  A certain Mr Breslin got a trip around the town today on the Town Train.  Jamie has been such a wonderful ambassador for the town and his family.  Delighted that he has stayed true to who and what he is throughout.  I'm going to be glued to the finals of The Voice next Sunday.  Go on the rocker!!!
Check out his FB page here Jamie Stanton


Reaching Mile Stones!!!!

The Bobby dazzler turned six months on Monday.  Where did that time go?  His getting so big and is such a character already! Totally in love with both my boys.
Was delighted during the week to open my blog and be greeted by this........
Photo: Look what greeted me this morning!!!!! New blog post coming soon xxx
So 2000 views to me is massive.  I was secretly quite chuffed. Well perhaps not so secretly now! This blog was always only ever meant to be the ramblings of a mother, who had a soft spot of bubbles and a little too much of an addiction to social media.  I'm delighted by of those of you who take the time to read what I write.  Ye're all probably as daft as I am, but I thank you.


Our 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt

I am a sucker for every holiday.  If Hallmark set out to prey on the weak, I'm most certainly their weakest serial victim.  Valentines, Easter, Halloween, you name it, I'm carnage.  I love organising parties or in this case a hunt.  To be fair Pinterest meant there wasn't a hell of a lot of imagination put into it, but I loved the excitement of the preparation and even more so the screams of delight as the kids ran around the gardens hunting for eggs and chicks.  It was a lovely morning surrounded by family.  Must say will definitely be doing it again next year, for the adults as much as for the kids!!!
Photo: 1st Easter Egg Hunt #happinessis #happyeaster #inlovewithmylittlemen
Photo: Hunting eggs #happinessis #happyeaster #inlovewithmylittlemen
Photo: Bobby's got his bucket #happyeaster #happinessis #inlovewithmylittlemen
Photo: #happinessis #happyeaster #inlovewithmylittlemen
Photo: #happinessis #happyeaster #inlovewithmylittlemen

So after a very hectic two weeks, full of lovely things, great weather and a hell of a lot of snot and sleepless nights, I'm facing into my last week of Mat Leave.  Returning to work this day next week, a little nervous and allergic.  Of course I'm looking forward to getting back to an adult world, with adult conversation, but leaving the boys will be hard,  spending time with them has been so wonderful, the ability to head off on a whim and do anything we want has been wonderful.  But I'm hanging onto the consolation that it's only for five weeks and then it's summer holidays.   (I know I know - everyone hates the teachers)

I'm looking forward to spending my last week with the three boys; walks, a picnic or two and maybe even a date night with my hubby.  Also hoping to make The Girls Club night in the Commodore Hotel on Thursday night and hoping to pop out to Rachel Verwey and see her new brand that she has taken on; Stella & Dot.  I love all of Rachel's brands and deliberately try to stay clear of her, because her stock is always too tempting.  You can check out her new venture on Stella & Dot by Rachel Verwey.  I love far too much of this range, my bank balance could be in trouble!!!!

So must head off to the land of nod, its been a long sleepless week so catching the Zs when I can.
Love, light and happiness to you all and remember to dream big!


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