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So its T Minus 5 days to this year's Butterfly Ball, 4 days until final weigh in with the Educogym Operation Transformation and only 8 weeks till I have to go back to work :(.  Its been a busy couple of weeks to say the least, and of course this blog was the first thing to be neglected, as well as my other big dream.  Both left gathering dust with the laptop, but just caught a few moments to myself with the small man happy in his bouncer in front of me and thought this was the way to spend them.
Butterfly Wings
So the ball is this Saturday!!!!!!!, it flies around each year and I find myself wondering where the time goes each year and tormenting myself to make sure everything is right, done and everyone is looked after. 
Met with the wonderful Hazel from Fota this week to finalise a few things and it kind of put my mind at ease (for a few hours at least).  Its such a wonderful hotel, love the grounds and the cosy feel inside, wonderful to have such an amazing place on our doorstep. 
Numbers are good this year, so the week will be spent finalising the sitting plan and filling goodie bags, (oh and looking for a dress!!!!!!!)  It'll be all stations go on Saturday and I'll be lucky to even taste my dinner, but it is so worth it for the wonderful cause we are fundraising for.  The Night Nurses are people you hope you never have to meet, but for the families that do meet them they are a God sent.  Check out some of the personal accounts of families who have experienced the Night Nurse Service here: http://www.cancer.ie/sites/default/files/content-attachments/night_nursing_-_with_thanks.pdf

So the Educo Operation Transformation finishes this Friday.  I have had such a fantastic time, ran my first 5k in four years this Sunday, with the other Educotransformers.  Felt great afterwards and managed to run the whole thing.  Very proud of myself, if I do say so myself, and was so proud of the other transformers. 
Its been just over 5 weeks since we started and I can really see the difference.  It's been such a great experience and such a great kick start to my new healthier life style.  I'm so going to miss it when I finish up on Friday.  I'll miss the girls and of course Keith and Mike kicking my ass in the gym.  For those of you out there that want to make the change, I so recommend Educogym , the advice, motivation and feel good factor are nothing but inspiring and the results speak for themselves.

Photo: Feeling great this evening - loved the run today - thanks to my fellow #educotransformers and of course the fabulous Mike
So I after all the motivation, hard work and because I feel so great after the 6 weeks, I'm putting it in writing that I'm signing up for the Great Island 10 in April.  Keep an eye out for my mycharity page in the coming weeks!!!!  Greatness inspires greatness - thank you Educo!

Finally tonight I'm looking for a little help.  As some of you may or may not know I was diagnosed with the BRCA 1 gene the December before last.  This is the Breast and Ovarian Cancer gene that you may know from Michelle Heaton or Angelina Jolie.  It is also part of a major storyline in EastEnders at the moment.  This is a very new thing in Ireland and we dont have the support systems or networks that they have in the UK or America. I'm lucky to be surrounded by such supported and wonderful people and its been difficult and will be even more so in the future. I'm looking to start up a network of families in Ireland affected by the gene, not just gene carriers but their families also.  I feel that being able to share and discuss your story with others in the same position might help. So if you know anyone affect by the gene I would be so grateful if you could send them in my direction.

 So finally before I leave some words of wisdom from Pinterest:

Night night all, busy days ahead
T x


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