Happiness is ...........

So often we spend our entire day, even lives in the pursuit of what we think is happiness.  We are so hard bent on finding that one thing that pulls everything else into place, that we forget about all the small wonderful things that are in our lives everyday, that should makes us happy.
I've spent the last two weeks moving!!!!  Moving does not equal happiness, it equals stress, exhaustion and total and utter chaos, but in the end it is all worth it.  My two small men are already settled and my big man is happy its all over.
Happiness is waking up to this view..........
Photo: My view first thing this morning

I've been busy since I last wrote.  Finished the Educo Challenge and must admit I've been a little lost without it.  I really did enjoy the training, advice and support given, and I am so grateful for the wonderful kick start it gave me.  Really hoping I'll get back to do one of their programmes before the summer, but the move and the impending return to school have me too busy to make it to Glanmire. 

I have however found other ways to keep myself active and have signed up for the Great Island Ten.   This is a wonderful event held each year to raise money for the palliative care services of the Irish Cancer Society.  Ourselves (Butterfly Wings) and the McCrossans are the only two charities that raise money for this section in particular.
Its 13 days and counting (so my mycharity page keeps telling me!) to the 10 mile road race around Cobh and I'm so excited to be taking part.  I've been telling myself over the past few years that I was going to do it and I'm finally getting around to it.
Happiness is putting your mind to something and doing it and helping a very worth while cause in the process.  (All donations would be so very gratefully received - check out my mycharitypage please)

On the charity vibe, my beautiful sister Liz hosted a coffee morning on Friday for the Irish Cancer Society's Daffodil Day.  Happiness is sharing home baked goodies with friends and friends of friends, having chats and donating to such a wonderful charity.  It was so wonderful to spend an hour with people that for the main part we chat to on line or by text.  in the flesh, up close and personal is the way to go.  Think the happiness was a little infectious as we promised to do it again soon for no reason at all.

Happiness is also accepting your age!!!!  Yes, there is happiness in the acceptance, I promise.  I watched as one of the students I taught in my Dip year performed on The Voice last week!!!  A grown adult, now a parent himself.  Nothing makes you feel old then realising a student is a father to a child the same age as your own.  But that aside Jamie was fantastic!!!! I love OneTreeHill and his version of the theme song was absolutely amazing, the best performance by far on the night - bias aside!  You can check him out on https://www.facebook.com/#!/jamiestantonofficial?fref=ts  and I know he'd love a like and your support!
(wonder does he remember his first year German teacher??????)

Happiness is the people around you.  The little things they do everyday that we take for granted and the bigger gestures they do now and again that make us realise we take them for granted.  I must admit over the past six months it has been so wonderful to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends, people that are there for you no matter what.  Having Bobby has made me realise just how busy mummies are and how important it is to have good people around you. Two boys under three is hard work.  I have so much respect for people doing it on their own, but I'm so grateful I'm not and I'm surrounded by so much support.

Happiness is also the little things that little people do......  Jack brought home some lovely gifts for Mummy this week, ones that weakened my knees and moistened my eyes.  His growing up so fast and I'm loving every minute of watching my little boys grow up.

Photo: Happiness is ........ Early Mother's Day present from Jack #inlovewithmylittlemen

Photo: Early Mother's Day flowers from my three boys #inlovewithmylittlemen #happinessis.....

On Friday I watched as two of the three loves of my life dug intently in the back garden, both enthralled by their digging and the huge earth worm they uncovered and inspected.  Seamus Heaney echoed in my head as oblivious to my camera or my presence, I watched my husband be everything a woman wants her husband to be; a good father.  Happiness is knowing your sons have such a fantastic role model to grow up with and be loved by.
Photo: Till his straining rump among the flowerbeds   
Bends low, comes up twenty years away   
Stooping in rhythm through potato drills   
Where he was digging.  #seamusheaney #inlovewithmylittlemen
Photo: Divine truth...

And finally happiness is ............. bubbles.  Have had a lovely weekend of bubbles (my kind of weekend!)  Friday was to celebrate a week in the house, Saturday for no reason at all and this morning I had bubbles for breakfast in the form of caprisun mimosas (my clever, quick thinking husband!) and now because you couldn't leave a bottle open and go to waste on Mother's Day, this mummy is having more bubbles to celebrate all the things in my life that make me happy.
Photo: It's Friday after all #myloveaffairwithbubbles

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day, especially my mum Pat (aka Pam).  Love you lots mam, hope you liked the gift from the boys.  (Happiness is doing it yourself - oh the homemade gifts )

Happy Mother's Day grannies

Lots of Love


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