The Best Things in Life ........

So here it is Sunday night again and I'm fulfilling a goal, well at least for this week anyway.  I promised myself if I was going to do this blog, I was going to do it weekly or at least regularly.  In the past I've promised myself things like that too, but always get sidetracked or lazy!  But hey, here we are two weeks in a row - its a record.   This week I'm really trying to focus on doing the simple things, going with the motto that the best things in life are........ they can be free, they can be family, chocolates, whatever you think yourself, but I've been trying to appreciate the great and good things in my life.

It's funny how life gets in the way of the things we love to do.  I'm just back from an all to brief catch up with my friends.  We all live in the same town but it takes a visit from another friend living abroad to get us all together.  I love the crazy banter we have when we all get together.  All I can say is God help the poor mothers/husbands/partners whose house we end up in, because its always a noisy encounter, full of hysterical laughing, local gossip and the odd bump or two!!!! The best things in life really are free and we all to often allow the material things and life in general get in the way of having fun.  (Nini we'll miss you :( )

It's been another busy week here in Casa de Carlos, continuing on with the Educo Challenge and the general day to day of running a house full of sick people and helping to organise a charity ball.  I really should find something to do with all my spare time!  But on a serious note it has been a busy week, but one that really brought home to me the importance of family and friends. 

At the beginning of the week I was totally wrapped up in the Educogym Operation Transformation, it's been such a fantastic opportunity and has really got me motivated to lose weight and get healthy.  The healthy part seems to be the overall residing bit.  I finished my 12 day programme Friday, very much thanks to the support of all the lads and ladies at Educo but also and perhaps more importantly thanks to the support of my wonderful husband and my amazing mam and sisters.  I couldn't even get to the gym without them.  It was a tough 12 days, there is no denying it, but there is such a satisfaction in working hard and having it pay off.  I was down 9lb, but more importantly I'm down 6.5lbs of fat.  I am absolutely delighted with myself, if I do say so myself, but as I stated above this is very much a team effort.  For anyone out there thinking of doing something like this Educogym is definitely the way to go.  The results speak for themselves.
  Photo: Woohoo 12 days 9 pounds and feeling great #educotransformers #educogym #educotransformation
So with the 12 day programme we have a third of the overall programme done.  Now I have four weeks of a new diet and four gym sessions a week.  Really hoping I can keep up the good work so far and with beautiful recipes like the grilled chicken burgers I had last night, it shouldn't be too hard.  I love home cooking and the recipe was so easy.

Photo: Grilled chicken burger from Educogym recipes - yum #educogym #educotransformers
Educogym Recipes
Grilled Chicken Burgers (2 servings)
300g chicken (breast)
1/2 red pepper
1/2 onion
1 tsp of olive/coconut oil
coriander and parsley  ( I used coriander seeds and ground them myself)
pinch of salt and pepper
Egg white for binding

Cut chicken into small pieces.  Cut onion and pepper into little pieces.  Mix these with the coriander, salt pepper etc.  Then divide into two burgers and grill. 
Serve with a crisp side salad.

It was gorgeous.  I put Dec's in a crusty bap with cheese.  Healthiest Saturday night takeaway we've had in years!!!!

So while not eating, drinking water, exercising and minding the babies I love to listen to the radio.  As a teacher, I find it so difficult in September to say good bye to Ray and the gang on Today Fm and head back to school, but this week I found it so hard to listen to the stories about Johnny Byrne.  I listened to his poor heartbroken brother plea for all this 'Neknomination' to stop and then watched on my FB News feed as friends continued to nek and nominate.  Now I'm of a certain age and would expect more sense out of people but on the other hand I can completely understand the pressure young people feel in circumstances like this, the desire to please and fit in sometimes overwhelms common sense.  I hope that I am raising the two boys to be strong minded and comfortable to be themselves, that they will have the courage to say no and stick up for others.  Its such a terrifying world out there really. 
I love too how people have taken the idea and turned it on it's head.  Asking people to do good deeds or donate money, blood etc is such a positive thing to come out of such a negative and heartbreaking tragedy.

Photo: Wonder where these little feet will take him in life??? #inlovewithmylittlemen
I also think the best thing in life is dreaming.  I dream constantly about life and what I'm going to do with it next.  It gives me hope and optimism, but its also a whole lot of fun.  I found my self contemplating this week where these little feet will take Bobby.  What kind of men are my little boys going to grow up to be?  Will they play for Ireland like the Kearney brothers?  I think Carlos on the back of a green jersey would look pretty good.  Wherever their paths take them, all I hope for is that they are happy and not afraid to dream big!  If you really want it, all you have to do is keep trying.  I'm working away secretly on two dreams at the moment and loving it.  Can't wait to see if they come true..........

On a final and sad note, my life is very much devoid of bubbles at the moment, although I have so many things to celebrate, but I'm being good and sticking to my diet for now!!! Dec's birthday is next week so may just break out and have a glass!  Any excuse!!!
Well another blog done, I'm sticking to it! God if I get a whole month's worth I may have to break out the Moet!
Have a great week,


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