Love is in the air

Today can be such a hard day for people, both single and attached.  Media has given us such false expectations about romance, some men (and women) are not just cut out for it.  Others on the other hand were born to work for Hallmark and overshadow our pitiful attempts at romance with grand gestures and mountains of roses.  But I came across this Pooh pic this morning and it pretty much sums up romance for me.  Its not about the things you've gotten, its about the love that you feel.  Yesterday my hubby look after everything because I was sick, and looked after me, eventhough I'm an awful patient.  That's love! This morning aswell as a card from him, I had the cutest card from my two boys as well.  Too cute x

This is our 20th Valentine's together  (he'll kill me for admitting that) and back on our first Valentine's I wrote a poem for him.  I didn't give it to him or let him read it for over two years, but it's one that can apply to lots of people, not just a partner.  I'm baring my inner soul today just to show you all the love.  (Must be the paracetamol!!!)

A Precious Friend
I've walked this path for many years,
Heard the laughter, shed the tears,
To know whats right, to know whats wrong,
I've been my guidelines the journey long.
I've learned to love, I've learned to hate,
I've learned to know its never too late.
I've come to enjoy the life I'm living
And understand the art of forgiving.
I've learned to live with all my might
Through stormy day and windy night.
But most of all I've learned to love,
A joy, a gift from God above
And so from now until the end
I know I've found my precious friend.

Hope today is a day when we can all appreciate all of those that are in our lives and that we don't just focus on the grand gestures.

Happy Valentine's Day


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