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Last September I set up this blog in the hopes that I would actually write it.  I love Champagne and had hoped to write a blog that would reflect how wonderful ordinary life as a mother, wife, teacher etc was and how it was worth celebrating each day with champagne.  I'm known to enjoy the odd glass in my jammies in front of the fire, but the birth of my second child Bobby and the fact that I can be pure lazy meant that it has sat with nothing done really for months.
I promised myself on New Year's Eve that I would do more this year on my 'Bucket List', that rather than sit back and say I'd love to that, that I'd just go out and do them.  Life is far too short for such long periods of procrastination.   For me 2014 is just about taking the bull by the horns and doing all the things I'm forever putting off, because I'm too lazy or just too scared to put myself out there.
My 2014 To Do List is long, very long, but I've gotten started.  I spotted a post on Facebook from the Educogym in Glanmire looking for people to take part in their Educotransformation.

 It's kind of along the lines of operation transformation but is focused on their 12 day programme and their gym work.  Again I procrastinated over whether I would enter or not, even wrote the email and left it sitting in my draft box for two days.  But in the end I just said, what the heck.  I really wanted to get back in shape and have hopes of doing the Great Island 10 and the Cork Half Marathon this year.  So I sent it.  I genuinely really didn't think I'd be picked,but I was and oh what a difference it has made to the beginning of this year.

We started the six week programme seven days ago.  The first 12 days are very tough, with a very strict diet and daily gym sessions.  I'm on day seven now and starting to cope with the lack of carbs in my life.  I hadn't realised how carb filled my diet was, (I had noticed the amount of nice things I was eating!), and its been hard without them, but have turned a corner and I'm genuinely starting to feel much better.
Had wonderful Almond Milk pancakes yesterday for breakfast, which I'm sure will become part of my staple Saturday morning brekkie even after the challenge has finished.

Almond Milk Pancakes
Two egg white
A cup of almond milk
(You can add protein/oats/gluten free flour or flour, just all depends on your diet, but for me this weekend it was just the egg and milk)
Fruit and fat free yogurt

 The gym sessions are tough too, but only twenty minutes long, which is doable and so satisfying. The lads Mike, Keith and Chris have been great, so motivating and encouraging and the girls are so friendly and full of great advice and help.  Check the gym out at Educogym Glanmire, if you want to make a change it really is worth looking into.  Looking forward to Friday now to see how much I've lost.  (Daily updates on my FB page : Facebook or instagram or check me out on twitter @trishcarlos

So much more happened this week, but most importantly we had the launch for the Butterfly Ball on Wednesday at the Fota Island Resort.  We were joined by Eileen Kearney from the Irish Cancer Society and the absolutely stunning Shauna Sisk, this year's Cobh Regatta Queen.  Sarah from The Princess Rooms in Cobh dressed Shauna for the shoot.  She looked amazing.

The launch meant the countdown is really on now.  It's just under five weeks and we're all tearing busy trying to organise prizes and of course sell tickets.  It's a hard job, especially in the current economic climate,but its so worth it.  The Night Nurses are an extraordinary group of people.  The ease and comfort they give to patients and their families is invaluable and so greatly appreciated, they are truly gifts from heaven.

Finally my littlest sister and her fiance were down for the weekend to celebrate her engagement at Christmas.  They are such a fab couple, its just such a pity they live so far away.  It was a lovely low key affair in one of my favourite pubs in Cobh; Pegs.  I love everything about that pub.  Congrats Chris and Johnny xxx

Well sleeping little man in my arms and notions of working on other little gems on my to do list (watch this space!) so will sign off for now with a saying I'm going to live the rest of my life by:

Night all
T xxx


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